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    XtraSole™ Booster Insoles

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    Your days of being shorter than everyone else are over. Our insoles have been carefully designed by some of the worlds greatest specialists, in order to  discretely give you the extra height boost you've been looking for.

    Comfortably walk, hike or even run as a result of the cushioning, lightweight material. Insert your insoles and forget they're even there. Additionally, these insoles are made with high durability. The structure of the insole is made with a flat sole and strong build. 

    The advanced technology offers a less stiff and more robust midsole. Additionally this insole is made to suit everyone, as you can easily cut the insoles to fit any sized shoe!

    ☑️ Increase Your Height: Height and Appearance is the number one insecurity in the world. Wether your looking to be an inch taller or wether your looking to increase your height by a few inches, we provide it! XtraSole™ Booster Insoles are able to boost your height by upto 3.5inches. 
    ☑️ Easily Detachable platforms: XtraSole™ Booster Insoles can be adjusted to give you the exact height boost you desire! Each platform is uniquely built with technology that creates a seamless clip on - clip off mechanism.
    ☑️ Compression Technology: You dont have to worry about removing your insoles for excersize or any other activity you may incure... Walk, hike or even run with ease. XtraSole™ Booster Insoles have been carefully engineered to provide a maximum level of compression, which makes them suitable for all types of exercise. 
    ☑️ Discrete Design: Forget you're even wearing the insoles and walk with confidence. Booster insoles are designed to discretely sit as the base of your shoe, while providing the extra height you desire. 
    ☑️ Anti-slip Design: Designed with a premium anti-slip compound to ensure firm fit and stability with a non-slip surface to give the wearer the optimum experience.
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